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Hi! I’m here to answer any questions that you may have.

AI Smart Customer Service System・

Hi! I’m here to answer any questions that you may have.

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AI Smart Customer Service System

CNC Lathe Manufacturer
Po Ly Gim Profile

-- Rigidity.Accuracy.Speed.Stability --

Founded in 1978, Po Ly Gim Machinery Co., Ltd. has evolved into a leading CNC Lathe Manufacturer based in Taiwan. Originally focused on conventional lathes, we have continually innovated over the last four decades to stay ahead of industry trends.

Surviving the 1997 East Asian financial crisis, our President, Kua Chin-whei, spearheaded the R&D team towards the development of high-tech products. Abandoning traditional mechanical paradigms, we introduced groundbreaking Swiss-type CNC lathes. This technological leap cemented our reputation as a top CNC Lathe Manufacturer globally.

We take great pride in delivering high-quality products to our clients. Our steadfast growth is fueled by our dedicated team that continually designs new products tailored to customer needs. Beyond our top-notch products, we aim to impress our manufacturing industry clients with unmatched performance and a stellar company reputation.

Who We Are

-- Top CNC Lathe Manufacturer --

As a top CNC lathe manufacturer

Reliable Quality, Trustworthy-Service, Innovation & Development

Our operation concept " Reliable Quality", "Trustworthy- service " and "Innovation & Development" provide all of our customers the best quality products and complete business service in every step of our production procedures.

Technology Support

-- Operating instructions and testing steps --


Smooth out score marks.


Inspect concentricity between spindle and tailstock.

Accuracy Test

Test finished workpiece for accuracy.