CSL 42-2Y II

Swiss Type CNC Lathe

Diamond CSL Series

Machine Features:

Diamond CSL 42-2YII is upgraded with MITSUBISHI 730 controller which possessed control axis superimposition function. It offers up to 10 axes complex manufacturing capability and it can simultaneously to process at 3 channels.

12 Stations Power Turret Can Do Double-side Processing
Main and Sub-Spindle are up to 42mm with 12 station power turret. Both built-in spindle are with MP Scale’s CS axis construction. This helps to obtain higher spindle rotation accuracy and better surface finish during cutting operation.

4 pcs Cross Working Driven Tool Holder

4 pcs Back Working Driven Tool Holder ( for 42-2Y II )

5 pcs O.D. Turning Tool Holder

Standard Accessories:

  •  Main spindle
  •  Sub-spindle
  •  CS Axis (0.001° orientation)
  •  Working Light
  •  Coolant System
  •  Part off Detective Sensor
  •  Live Bushing
  •  Chip Conveyer
  •  Chip Bucket
  •  Part Catcher
  •  5 pcs O.D. Turning Tool Holder
  •  4 pcs Cross Working Driven Tool Holder
  •  4 pcs Double Side Turning Holder (Turret)
  •  4 pcs Double Boring Bar Holder (Turret)
  •  2 pcs Axial Drilling and Milling Head (Turret)
  •  2 pcs Radial Drilling and Milling Double Head (Turret)
  •  Rough Material Bushing(Max. Machining = Bar Diameter x 3)
  •  4 pcs Back Working Driven Tool Holder

Optional Accessories for Power Turret:

  •  Double Side Turning Holder
  •  Double Boring Bar Holder
  •  Axial Drilling And Milling Head
  •  Radial Drilling And Milling Double Head

Machine Specifications:

Items Y1 (System 1) Y2 (System 2) (System 3)
Working Range Max. Machining Dia. Ø42 mm Ø42 mm  
Max. Machining Length Per Chucking 280 mm    
Max. Drilling Capacity Ø30 mm Ø30 mm  
Max. Tapping Capacity M16 M16  
Tooling System O.D. Turning Tooling 5    
O.D. Turning Tool Dimension □20 x 20 x 120    
Cross Tool (Power - Driven Tool) 4    
Cross Tool Dimension 16 mm (ER25)    
Cross Tool Speed 200~6000 r.p.m.    
Back I.D. Tool     4
Back I.D. Tool Dimension     Ø25 mm
Back Working Driven Tool     4
Back Working Driven Tool Dimension     16 mm (ER25)
Back Working Driven Tool Speed     200~6000 r.p.m.
Power Turret Power-Driven Tool / Station   12  
O.D. Tool Dimension   □20 x 20  
I.D. Tool Dimension   Ø25 mm  
Max. O.D. Turning Tool / Station   6  
Max. I.D. Bore Tool / Station   6  
Power-driven Tool Dimension   16 mm (ER25)  
Power-driven Tool Speed   200~6000 r.p.m.  
Max. Radial Mill / Drill Tool / Station   12  
Max. Axial Mill / Drill Tool / Station   12  
Spindle Spindle Hole Dia. Ø42 mm    
Spindle Speed 200~6000 r.p.m.    
Sub-spindle Sub-Spindle Hole Dia.     Ø42 mm
Sub-Spindle Speed     200~6000 r.p.m.
Max. Length for Front Ejection     120mm
Sub-Spindle Max. Drilling Dia.     Ø30mm
Sub-Spindle Max. Tapping Dia.     M16
Rapid Traverse Speed X1, Z1, Y1 / X2, Z2, Y2 / X3, Z3 Axis 30 m/min 30 m/min 30 m/min
Travel X1 Axis 45 mm    
Z1 Axis 300 mm    
Y1 Axis 360 mm    
X2 Axis   150 mm  
Z2 Axis   480 mm  
Y2 Axis   185 mm  
X3 Axis     250 mm
Z3 Axis     480 mm
Motors Main / Sub-Spindle 7.5 kw   7.5 kw
X1, Z1, Y1 / X2, Z2, Y2 / X3, Z3 Axis 1.0 kw 1.0 kw 1.0 kw
Rotary Tools 1.5 kw 2.2 kw 1.5 kw
Coolant Pump 1.5 H.P.   1.5 H.P.
Lubrication 25 W   25 W
Machine Dimensions Center Height 990 mm
Weight 6480 kgs
Dimension 3600 x 2480 x 2075 mm
Air Pressure Air Pressure 5 kg / cm
Air Supply 10 L / min