Diamond CSL60-2Y

CNC Lathe

Machine Features:

The CSL60-2Y is a multitasking turning center designed for turning/milling operations. In addition to being equipped with various tool holders to meet a full range of machining requirements, this machine is also designed with a main and sub-spindle, allowing various kinds of complicated parts to be completed with processing in one setup.


  • Twin Y-axis design.
  • B-axis can rotate 360° to perform drilling, tapping, and milling at any degrees.
  • B-axis rotation is driven by a servo motor, providing high indexing accuracy of 0.001°
  • Main and sub-spindle speed: 3,000 r.p.m.
  • Through hole diameter of main and sub-spindle: Ø 68 mm
  • Both main and sub-spindle have C-axis function for contour machining.
  • All moving axis are mounted with heavy duty, roller type linear motion guides.
  • Fixed type spindle structure.
  • The machine base is manufactured from high quality cast iron, tempered and stress relieved to eliminate structural deformation problems.



Tooling System for main Spindle

Tooling System for Sub-spindle


Standard Accessories:

  •  Main spindle
  •  Sub-spindle
  •  C axis spindles for both spindle
  •  Work light
  •  Coolant system
  •  Part off detective sensor
  •  Part catcher
  •  5 pcs O.D. turning tool holder (system 1)
  •  4 pcs I.D. stationary tool holder (system 1)
  •  12 pcs 360° automatic rotary driven tool holder (system 1)
  •  4 pcs O.D. turning tool holder (system 2)
  •  4 pcs I.D. stationary tool holder (system 2)
  •  3 pcs ceoss working driven tool holder (system 2)
  •  3 pcs off-center working driven tool holder (system 2)

Option Accessories:

  •   Chip conveyer + bucket
  •   Fedek bar feeder DH65L (1.5 M)
  •   Oil coolant device


Machine Specifications:

Items Y1 (system 1) Y2 (system 2)
Working Range Max. Machining Dia. Ø65 mm Ø65 mm
Max. Machining Length part diameter x3  
Max. Drilling Capacity Ø30 mm Ø30 mm
Max. Tapping Capacity M16 M16
Tooling System O.D. Turning Tool 5 4
O.D. Turning Tool Dimension □25 ×25 ×110 □25 ×25 ×110
I.D. Tool 4 4
I.D. Tool Dimension Ø32 mm Ø32 mm
Cross Tool (Power - Driven Tool)   3
Cross Tool Dimension   16 mm (ER25)
Cross Tool Speed   200~6000 r.p.m.
Off-Center Driven Tool   3
Off-Center Driven Tool Dimension   16 mm (ER25)
Off-Center Driven Tool Speed   200~6000 r.p.m.
360° Automatic Rotary Driven Tool 12  
360° Automatic Rotary Driven Tool Dimension 16 mm (ER25)  
360° Automatic Rotary Driven Tool Speed 200~6000 r.p.m.  
Spindle Spindle Hole Dia. Ø68 mm  
Spindle Speed 100~3000 r.p.m.  
Sub-spindle Sub-Spindle Hole Dia.   Ø68 mm
Sub-Spindle Speed   100~3000 r.p.m.
Sub-Spindle Max. Drilling Dia.   Ø30 mm
Sub-Spindle Max. Tapping Dia.   M16
Rapid Travese Speed A Axis   30 m/min
X1, Y1, Z1 Axis 30 m/min  
X2, Y2, Z2 Axis   30 m/min
Motors Main Spindle 15 kw  
Sub-Spindle   15 kw
Y1, Y2 Axis 2.2 kw 2.2 kw
A, X1, X2, Z1, Z2 Axis 1.5 kw 1.5 kw
B Axis   0.75 kw
Rotary Tools 1.5 kw  
Coolant Pump 1 H.P. 1 H.P.
Lubrication 25 w 25 w
Machine Dimensions Center Height 1125 mm
Weight 7500 kgs
Dimension 3130 × 2175 × 2250 mm
Air pressure Air Pressure 5 kg/cm 5 kg/cm
Air Supply 10 L/min 10 L/min
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